Theatre for Children - Made in Germany
Nine contemporary plays
von Lilly Axster, Horst Hawemann, Rudolf Herfurtner, Günter Jankowia, Gerd Knappe, Christian Martin, Manuel Schöbel, Friedrich Karl Waechter und Ingeborg von Zadow

Nine playwrights for German children's theatre are included in this publication with one play each. They deal with topics of love, questions of identity and violence, but more importantly, they tell stories of children, young people and adults with definite social backgrounds or as generalised parables.
All nine plays - different though they may be - make the social responsibility of German children's and young people's theatre clear, inasmuch as the young audience is taken seriously and life is reflected in an artistic and not a pedagogic way. The plays can be acted by two to eight actors, often with musicians. Most of the plays can be produced for children of 6 years and upwards.

CONTENTS: Lilly Axster, "Violin Cello Double-Bass". Horst Hawemann, "Empty Space - Chair Taken". Rudolf Herfurtner, "The Forest, the Forge and the Dragon". Günter Jankowia, "Jesper's Luck". Gerd Knappe, "Whisperloud and Prettysmart". Christian Martin, "Ciggie and Swiggie". Manuel Schöbel, "Beanpole Really Really Wants To". Friedrich Karl Waechter, "EXWYZED". Ingeborg von Zadow, "Pompeenia".

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